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EL BULLI STUDY CASE 1.-What factors made el Bulli the best restaurant in the world? Which elements of the elBulli experience create value for customers? There is no doubt that what Ferran Adriá create to it’s customer, is on the same concept as going to a big concert or visit a cultural attractive experience, been attracted for what it is next. The exclusivity of El Bulli, the only access to enter and been accepted a reservation entourages a whole reserved and luxury event that only few can have. The food issue is so innovative and unique that it has a big knowledge behind the scenes of investigation and development. This is what makes this place a mysterious instigation to adventure for the customer. On the other hand, they…show more content…
First, the philosophy of the restaurant emphasizes strictly the creative process, which focused on Adrià's creations ignoring all the possible barriers that stops you on the creation of this peculiar idea. Secondly, a significant feature is that they have a laboratory exclusively dedicated to research and develop new techniques and recipes. Ferran Adriá mention that a lot of his creations where based on traditional recipes and the familiar conception, but he prints on a simple dish the capacity of a hole innovative process by his own creation, changing only little compositions which makes a huge different on the customer palate. This change is behind a science study created by Adriá and this new way of perceiveing food is known as molecular gastronomy. The most important thing of this creative process of El Bulli is the organization behind the studies, there was a team composed by 10 members, in everyone has to study new lines of creativity for making this restaurant such an amazing place. They were on practice every day, travelling around the world searching new foods, new cultures, new ways of cooking and the correspondant techniques and timming of each product, making this people the mos valuable team of the business, key strategy factors to have a atrategic difference to the hole restaurant market. Finally from the laboratory to the

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