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elBulli: The taste of innovation What factors made elBulli the best restaurant in the world? Which elements of the elBulli experience create value for customers? The experience for elBulli patrons starts already by getting a reservation for the restaurant. Since elBulli only opens for 6 months each year in which they serve around 8.000 customers, but the number of reservation requests per year is between 1 to 2 mio., every confirmation to a reservation is already a delight. The positive touch points after a successful reservation continue at the restaurant. elBulli satisfies its customers at every point of the evening. Being welcomed by Ferran Adrià creates a personal connection to the chef. Afterwards you get a tour through the…show more content…
In addition the recipes are almost impossible to copy. Since they use really expensive machines or special ingredients for their creations, the dishes are a unique experience only at that one restaurant. All in all elBulli convinces with the unseen and a new way of creativity, which every time surprises customers with the unexpected. What are the salient features of the creative process at elBulli? Adrià opened the workshop “El Taller” in Barcelona, where he works on the recipes for the new season with two others while elBulli is closed. The process of inventing a new recipe can take very long time. Furthermore he announced a creativity team of 8 to 9 people to research trends and emotions in the food chemistry. He devided this team in three groups and they separately travel the world, attend courses to discover the latest trends. When elBulli opens again the new recipes are used more and more during the season, but they get mostly changed/improved every day. So the creativity process does not stop when Adrià leaves the workshop to open the restaurant again, it is an ongoing process. Are there weaknesses in the restaurant operation? How would you fix them? To increase the profitability of elBullli, Adrià could lower the number of staff, use cheaper ingredients, increase the prices for a meal, increase the hours of operation, improve the supply chain or go worldwide. There are many ways to increase the profitability, but fixing these

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