El Camino de Miguel Delibes

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El camino – Essay “El camino” is a Spanish novel written by Miguel Delibes where the main character is Daniel, the son of the town’s cheesemaker. He is eleven years old and his friends are Roque, “el Moñigo” and Germán, “El Tiñoso”. This novel is a bildungsroman because it focuses on Daniel’s progress as the story develops and how he interacts with the other characters. In the passage from “Entre ellos tres no cabían disensiones. […] Representaba una estimable cualidad, pero solo eso.” [Delibes 2009, 55] the narrator describes the three boys in their early childhood and what qualities each of them have. The passage is situated right at the beginning of chapter VII in which Miguel Delibes makes a short description of the boys’…show more content…
[…] Te puedes matar.” [Delibes 2009, 165]. He was still a depressed and sad young boy, but through the “cocaña” challenge he was no longer uncertain about his virility. Nobody was expecting him to actually pull this off, so it was a perfect twist of situation, leaving the reader breathless. Being the only one who pulled off the challenge, he showed everybody in the village he still deserved his place in the gang. He had reached another stage in his development as a man. He moved on from a frustrated and uncertain boy to a brave and full of strength man. Concerning the love part in Daniel’s life, during his chat with Uca-Uca , revealed in the following passage “La la niña preguntó de pronto: […]Ahora se encontraba con la Uca-uca con más frecuencia y ya no la rehuía con la hosquedad que lo hacía antes.” [Delibes 2009, 174-5], Daniel begins to feel a certain bond between them, a special connection. Our little boy starts to become a mature young man. He sees Uca from another pespective. Daniel appreciates their chatting and senses a feeling of security and similarity and even a bit of solidarity, as they discover that they share the same issues concerning the relationship with the parents. The boy also realizes that he was so ardently involved in their discussion, as Mica did not wander through his mind for even one second. Daniel remembers the fact that he needs go to the big city

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