El Cid: Castilian In Medieval Spain

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Rodrigo Diaz also known as “El Cid”or simply Rodrigo, was a Castilian in medieval Spain. Moors referred to him as El Cid which translates to Lord. Whereas the christians referred to him as El Campeador, which stood for outstanding warrior.El Cid was brought up in the court of King Fernand I and he lived in the household of the King's eldest son.When Sancho succeeded to the Castilian throne in 1065, he nominated El Cid as his standard-bearer, or commander of the royal troops. When Sancho II was killed and replaced by his brother Alfonso VI, El Cid served the new king for several years but was then sent into exile.Alfonso later decided to employ him again and send him against the Muslim rulers of southern Spain. El Cid agreed, on the condition
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