El Filibusterismos Case Analysis

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I have had several emails sent to me and have some concerns. First one being most important is that I have not official been replaced as Basileus as there has not been a vote and the new chapter season has not begun. A retreat is where the Basileus shares her goals and hears the thoughts from the officers and a direction for the chapter to move in is taken from there. Although I am eager to pass the baton to the new Basileus, I have not officially left the position and I am still part of this chapter, as well as anyone else who has left the state or talked of leaving the state, until an official transfer on the national level has taken place we all need to be included as such. I personally did not receive the retreat email. As many are still on summer vacation from the chapter and may not all be able to attend a retreat in August for elections, I must ask that the further planning of this retreat be stopped. Because the officer position of Basileus and was not filled at the closed of the fiscal year an official secret ballot with slated names must take place at the first chapter…show more content…
Section 3. Ballot Election, Term of Office, Removal from Office Local Officers shall be elected by secret ballot and installed at the last regular meeting each year and shall hold office until the next election. The slate will include so far the names of Soror Lynette Harper (Basileus) and Soror JoEllen John (1st Anti-Basileus). Several events have taken place or will take place where I have ask certain Sorors to fill spots in my place if I am not able to attend. All correspondence must continue to come through the proper channels so it can be distributed as it has been over the past year. No information shall be redirected to any one person and all information should be forward for distribution. September’s Chapter meeting will include but not limited to: Boule Reports Elections / Officer Installations State and Local
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