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Chapter 10 – Servant Leadership Discussion Questions and Exercises 1. What is the historical basis of servant leadership? What are the unique, underlying values of his perspective? Originating in the seminal work of Greenleaf, servant leadership is a paradoxical approach to leadership that challengers our traditional beliefs about leadership and influence. Servant leadership emphasizes that leaders should be attentive to the needs of the followers, empower them, and help them develop their full human capacities. They build strong relationships, with others, are empathic, and ethical, and lead in ways that serve the greater good of followers, organizations, and the community. 2. In what ways is servant leadership a…show more content…
5. How might a servant leader’s gender or ethnicity influence how he or she is perceived by followers? In our society I don’t see any problem by gender or ethnicity influencing followers, but in other societies it can have big effects. There are still parts of the world that people are not treated the same because of the color of their skin or simply because it’s a women. They see them inferior and that can cause a lot of problems. 6. When have you had “the natural desire to want to serve, to serve first” in a situation? How does this fit with your aspirations to lead? Being a servant does not disqualify someone from leading, it simply implies that this person wants to help and learn. They see a need to take care of a problem and want to fulfill it. They know when a problem is at hand and that is very good quality to have when it comes to leading because one has to see the problem first and attack it when it is in front of them without hesitation. 7. Some of the measures used to assess servant leadership have a spiritual dimension to them (covenantal relationship, transcendental spirituality). How are spirituality and ethical behavior related? Spirituality and ethical behavior are related because they both require a sense of connection to something bigger than us. Spirituality involves the search for meaning in our lives and ethical behavior is sticking with those behaviors, being fair,
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