El Salvador Problems

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In 1977, the Guerilla, a group of rebels, started a wave of violence in El Salvador which included violating human rights and causing terror all over the country. Most of the political, social and economic problems in El Salvador arose once the people started fighting against the corrupt government. By 1980, the civil war erupted and the rebels took over the country with brute force. Finally in 1992, a treaty arranged between the rebels, Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front referred to as the FMLN, and the government, whose aim was to hinder the violence in the country, only made violence more prevalent. El Salvador’s civil war left problems that El Salvador cannot solve alone, which explains why it needs an international community to…show more content…
Right now, the country heavily depends on the economic aid provided by the United States. Economic aid helps the country maintain itself, and it helps the people, but due to the political corruption, that needs interference by an international community, the money may not used to its full potential. The United States will continue to sustain the country economically, but it will not send arms or repeat the “investment of blood”, so it will continue to sustain the country economically but it will not send military (Reich). The U.S. not aiding El Salvador may be wise because El Salvador does not need a military to intervene. That has already happened during the war by both the United States and Cuba, and it did not have many positive effects. If anything it sparked more of a rebellion. El Salvador and its citizens need a proper intervention in which an international community peacefully reforms the country, and sustains it economically until El Salvador reestablishes its economy. The United States will continue to sustain El Salvador, by sending approximately $50 million a year, as long as the country does not “turn a blind eye and deaf ear” to the revival of corruption(Cheney 67-68). Such economic aid provided keeps the country on its feet, but it should stabilize the country, which can only happen if international community intervenes in El Salvador’s economic…show more content…
More money and time may be necessary, but the results would benefit both the international community and El Salvador. If El Salvador became balanced the could restore their economy. This positively affects many countries since El Salvador has cheap labor which can lead to many more job openings. These jobs would employ most of the people ending most of the poverty in the country. Along with putting the kibosh on poverty could come great political benefits such as the military and higher classes not being in charge of the country. With the economy and democracy fixed, the rebellions, and the general injustices would diminish. They would slowly stop due to the increase of equality between socio-economic classes, and political parties. The International community would benefit because a good economy in a country with cheap labor would mean more manufactured goods to being sold in those countries. If El Salvador had an intervention by the international community, it would greatly benefit both El Salvador and the community. It would be in the best interest the international community to help El Salvador become stable and restore the peace, justice, and unity it longs
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