Elana Sanguigni. Drum Major Tryout Essay. . 1.)A Drum Major

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Elana Sanguigni Drum Major Tryout Essay 1.) A Drum Major is a positive role-model; someone who others can look to as an enthusiastic and dedicated example. A Drum Major ultimately leads the band, and does so energetically and humbly. Respecting those around you and gaining the respect and trust of peers is essential. As Drum Major, one is expected to treat others with kindness and integrity. A Drum Major is someone who is fully involved and invested in their band and peers, and is someone who works to serve others. As a Drum Major, one must put the band first and support those around him or her. Effective communication skills are imperative, as a drum major must have an effective voice, yet also be an effective listener. A Drum Major…show more content…
After receiving the award, I continue to visit the residents at St. Barnabas and share my gifts of music, by playing the piano, flute, and leading group sing-a-longs. I throw myself into my activities and do so with a happy, humble heart. An important quality I possess includes my integrity and respect. I always uphold strong moral integrity and respect those around me. I understand that you must treat others as you would want to be treated, and to be respected, you must do the right thing even when no one is watching. I am a strong leader as I am a person who takes action and gets involved, in order to help others and the team. When I see an opportunity to be supportive and to lend a helping hand, I jump in. I am not a person who sits in the background and waits for someone else to do something. I am a go-getter, who thrives on helping those around me. I am very organized with all of my activities, both academically and socially. I input over 200%. I understand that without a strong work ethic and passion, only the minimal will be accomplished. As Class Secretary for the past four years and as upcoming National Honor Society Peer-Tutoring Coordinator, I remain organized in sending emails, marking attendance, collaborating new ideas and fundraising opportunities, and encouraging others. I am an effective communicator as I understand that each voice matters. I do not speak just to hear my own voice, and I value the thoughts of others. I speak up when I have

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