Elarks: A Narrative Fiction

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“Phoenix!” a male voice sounded from downstairs. A seventeen year old boy pulled himself out of bed lazily and rubbed the amulet hanging around his neck. It had been twelve years since the Elarks had destroyed Kryslee and still every night it was the exact same dream, he seemed to watch the sun fade into black and back into a vibrant orange over and over again. He brushed a few strands of fiery hair out of his eyes and bit down anxiously on his bottom lip. They had just arrived in Kansas two days ago after a close call with a couple of Elark scouts, they’d been tracked down quicker than expected. They’d expected to have stayed hidden for at least thirty years before the Elarks made track to Earth but then again in just seven short months the stars were said to bare another child, another like him, like the others, someone chosen by a body in the universe.…show more content…
“Im coming Mike!” he answered and smiled. Mike was the only one who kept him sane at the moment, he was the only Kryslian he still had contact with, he was his mentor. He told him stories about Kryslee all the time and although Phoenix remembered those particular moments in time very vividly, he still sat there and hung onto every word that Mike said, always enchanted to hear his mentors view on things, how it looked from his perspective. He pulled on his pajama pants and ran down the steps when the smell of pancakes drifted up to his room, he may be an alien, another form of being but who didn’t like pancakes. “Uncle Mike something smells good” he smiled jogging down the last few steps only to be hit on his bare chest with a hot spatula. “I told you, you need to start putting a shirt on before you go prancing around the house
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