Elder Abuse : A Growing Epidemic

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Elder Abuse: A Growing Epidemic
Elder abuse is of growing concern in today’s society; it is the single most unreported cause of abuse. The thesis of this paper is to describe elder abuse, look at why it is becoming such a problem and what is being done to correct it. According to World Health Organization it is estimated that 80 percent of elder abuse is unreported (Daly, Schmeidel & Jogerst, 2012). Elder abuse is a problem not only just in the health care setting but community wide. Patience and having the time to care for the elderly population is becoming more and more of a struggle in that nurses are being continuously bombarded with a larger patient load and a lack of help. In an article by Rosen (2014), it is stated that five
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An estimated twenty-one percent of nursing home residents are neglected at least once in the past twelve months and more than twenty-four percent are abused at least once during their entire stay (Schub & Kornusky, 2014). In a study of 718 family members and others responsible for those ages 60 and older receiving long-term care in a nursing home, an assisted living facility or paid homecare, nearly 30 percent reported at least one instance of elder abuse in the past year. Neglect was the most common form and sexual abuse the least (Anetzberger, 2012).
There is a lack of national guidelines for describing abuse, myriad uncoordinated state and local laws for reporting and intervening in abusive situations and poor education, training, and support for professional service workers, family caregivers and community volunteers (Rosen, 2014). Reporting elder abuse is a growing problem due to the lack of education of what elder abuse really is also of the signs and how to report it. In the article by Blancato, forty-four states, Indiana included have required health care workers by law to report elder abuse, while in the other six states health care workers are not obligated to do so. If we are not requiring health care workers in those six states to become educated in elder abuse and to mandate reporting of any suspected abuse then we are not doing everything to protect
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