Elder Abuse And Neglect Essay

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Elder Abuse has become a major issue in our country today. Statistics indicate a high rate of abuse of the elderly population. Unfortunately, elderly people are abused in our country on a daily basis. They are either abused by their friends, relatives or in their own homes by their caretakers. Also, elderly people can be and are abused in the facilities in which they are receiving care. It is quite difficult for people to understand how elderly people are being abused without knowing the cause, effects and solutions of the issue. The purpose of this paper is to help one understand what causes elder abuse, the effects it will have and the solutions to elder abuse. This way we may completely understand and prevent it from happening. .…show more content…
Our elders deserve much better than that from us. We are the home of the free not the abused. Let’s start with the different types of what is considered elder abuse. Elder abuse is the term that refers to any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to an elder. (Administration on Aging (AOA)). Fifty states have now passed some form of elder abuse prevention laws to help with this ongoing issue. Elder abuse also includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, emotional abuse, and self neglect. Now let’s explore what these types of abuse are so we may fully comprehend them. Physical Abuse is inflicting physical pain or injury on an elder. It is also the second most common form of abuse. Some examples being: slapping, bruising, or restraining by physical or chemical means. Also, improperly restraining or drugging an elderly person is also considered a form of physical abuse (Angela, 1999-2011). Lastly depriving or forcing as elderly person to eat or drink is considered Physical Abuse. Sexual Abuse is any non-consensual sexual contact of any kind to the elder. Sexual elder abuse is perhaps the most worst of all acts perpetrated by nursing home staff and caretakers upon elders. Sexual abuse occurs when any individual engages in nonconsensual sexual contact of any kind with an elderly person. Sexual abuse can also

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