Elder Abuse Prevention Strategies

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Older Adult Connections Connections Elder Abuse – Senior Safety Episode • Show Concept – The Elder Abuse/Senior Safety topic will be a 4-part series that shows the different types of elder abuse that exist, educates viewers on community resources, and provides tips for keeping yourself and your family safe. The episodes will not focus on following one individual or family through an entire abuse scenario, but will instead highlight several abuse scenarios. Each segment will be 30 minutes. General Background • Types of elder abuse • Physical Abuse - Inflicting, or threatening to inflict, physical pain or injury on a vulnerable elder, or depriving them of a basic need. • Emotional Abuse - Inflicting mental pain, anguish,…show more content…
An exploiter can be an individual, an institution, or even someone who has power of attorney for the elder. • Exploitation • What is exploitation (how does it differ than abuse /neglect … and why is it considered elder abuse?) • What are the warning signs • What is the fine line between exploitation and not • How does a person report the different types of exploitation • How to the different agencies investigate and follow through on cases of exploitation (and how do these cases get prosecuted) • Why are seniors so vulnerable (trusting and have resources…that cannot be recovered) • Scenarios • Scenario 1 – business overcharging for services, charging for services not rendered or not licensed to render … maybe use Mr. C from Belle Isle) • Scenario 2 – family

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