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Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the conference here in the civic centre to discuss the issue of Elder Abuse in Ireland. In discussing this issue I am hoping to illustrate how elder abuse effects many vulnerable individual’s within today’s society thus creating an awareness of an every growing problem. First and foremost I would like to extend my sincere thank you to each and everyone for participating today in this conference. Throughout my speech I will be discussing the signs and symptoms of elder abuse. I will be outlining the most recent statistics with regards to complaints made by individuals and or their families regarding the issue. I will discuss the legal and quasi-legal documents relating to elder abuse. In doing so I will…show more content…
Elder abuse as previously stated is a relatively new phenomenon which has given rise to many ethical, legal and clinical obligations. It has challenged peoples understanding of essential concepts such as personal freedom, roles of cultural impacts in defining the family accountabilities and society’s obligations to its members. Over the last twenty years or so there has been a dramatic increase in reports relating to elder abuse claims within Ireland. There has been many newspaper articles and television documentary’s to present this ever growing problem. Having said this it is plausible to suggest that even though there has been an increase in the number of elder abuse incidents there may of course be incidences gone unnoticed or unreported. It is my belief that elder abuse can now be describe as Ireland’s concealed shame among the caring industries. Within Ireland there is a definite lack of awareness, surrounding the issue of elder abuse, together with the slowness to accept the issue. “This has been further exacerbated by the ‘veil of silence which too often surrounds this phenomenon’” (Council of Europe Study, 1992). As there are many different forms of elder abuse which are previously mentioned, these may occur as a result of calculated intent, negligence or unawareness. Psychological abuse may be occurring when an elderly individual is feeling afraid or intimidated within their living accommodation, especially if they are weepy and

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