Elder And Child Abuse : Children And The Elderly

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Elder and Child Abuse
Trina Gaston
Lurleen B Wallace-ADN Program
Mrs. Joy Butler
Mental Health Clinical Instructors
September 21, 2016

Elder and Child Abuse Children and the elderly are a dependent demographic. Their dependence on their caregivers for sustenance makes them vulnerable to abuse. Abuse can manifest in two forms physical and non-physical abuse. While the victims of aggressive attacks are easily identifiable leading to appropriate actions taken against the culprits, the majority of abuse incidences are latent. Therefore, it is extremely important for nurses to key and discern those types of signs and symptoms presented as possible child/elderly abuse. The rate of elderly abuse is set to surpass child abuse cases given that the United States is an aging nation. The nursing faculty should leverage the resources available such as a checklist to help determine neglect and suspected abuse. The majority of cases of abuse go unreported owing to the inability or fear of the victims to report their situation. Different states have variation from the federal regulations regarding handling abuse cases. The nurses are central in the fight against dependent abuse. The nurses are advised to discard their prejudices. They tend to cloud the nurses’ perceptions from identifying people in need, as they will often not fit the general stereotypes of a victim. The majority of the abuse incidences are perpetrated by relatives of the victims. In children, the abuses…
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