Elder Paper - Physical Activity/Exercise. All Individuals,

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Elder Paper - Physical Activity/Exercise All individuals, especially elders, benefit (both physically and mentally) from being physically active Defining the terms, physical activity is “any body movement produced by skeletal muscles that expand energy” (cite course PowerPoint). Per the course PowerPoint (cite with year 2013), exercise is the “planned, structured and repetitive body movement accomplished to maintain or improve one or more components of physical fitness.” The fitness levels determine if an individual can perform said physical activity. Components of physical fitness are 1) cardio-respiratory endurance, which is essentially the ability of a person’s circulatory and respiratory systems to provide the body with fuel while…show more content…
As mentioned above, elders can see a multitude of health benefits through the engagement in regular physical activity/exercise. For the next two pages, the benefits of exercise in relation to the reduction of specific, chronic diseases will be discussed. There is a ton of published literature regarding the relation between exercise and the reduction of heart disease incidence. Even among those whom would fall in the overweight or obese medical categories see health benefits regarding hypertension/high blood pressure. While obviously obese or overweight individual do not see the same level of benefits from exercise, a small amount of physical activity is still beneficial (no matter the age group individuals fall under). Even baby steps help when it comes to exercise and its related health benefits. As aforementioned above and in the Chapter 9/10 course discussion post, regular physical activity is great for diabetes as it improves insulin sensitive (to internal insulin receptors). The increased sensitivity allows an elder with Type II diabetes to lower the amount or dosage of oral medications or even injected insulin that they take, as their disease is under much better control. This is tricky, as will be discussed later in the paper. It requires continual, conscious control and compliance with exercise regimen. As an example to the above statement, I have two aunts in their
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