Elderly Abuse And Neglect Of The Elderly

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Introduction: Elderly abuse is no longer the “quite as kept” family secret. Due to the economic pressures of families reuniting to make ends-meat and the medical treatment with improved diets, which adds to the length of life contributes to family stressors. These stresses may present themselves in the form of sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and fiscal abuse. This paper will give exposure to many known causes and treatment, analyze current and past data outlining the potential rise in abuse of the elderly population and present possible solutions that potentially reduce identified trends and assist in the reduction of elderly mistreatment. Analysis of the problem There are many approaches to take when discussing about…show more content…
This will help eliminate the problems that exist in elderly abuse. Children that have been abused usually tend to reciprocate the abuse, women are more likely to be sexually abused than men, a wealthy elderly person may be more prevalent to fiscal abuse, all abuse is under reported. What is unknown are the triggers that tend to cause elderly abuse and neglect. True statistics is not known because of unreported cases for elderly abuse. Nationalities that live under the conditions everyday with extended families tend not to have a high number of problems with older adults. Families that are in lower social economic status have a higher rate of abuse and neglect in the older adult population. When the condition of the state continues to breed poverty, ignorance and lack of access to quality education create circumstances that can contribute to future situations for elderly abuse. Elderly abuse tends not to be present in wealthy communities, here is why; they can afford end of life care so as not to be a burden to the caregiver, and having had access to wealth for medical and increase diets needs which leads to better heath. The National Center on Elder Abuse says there is a risk of 300% for death of elders who experience abuse compared to those who have not been abused (28). There is no range limit as to how far different types of abuse, neglect and abandonment will reach for the elderly people. In addition, long term care and nursing homes
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