Elderly Abuse And Neglect Of The Elderly

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Elderly abuse is no longer the “quite as kept” family secret. Due to the economic pressures of families reuniting to make ends-meat and the medical treatment with improved diets, which adds to the length of life contributes to family stressors. These stresses may present themselves in the form of sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and fiscal abuse. This paper will give exposure to many known causes and treatment, analyze current and past data outlining the potential rise in abuse of the elderly population and present possible solutions that potentially reduce identified trends and assist in the reduction of elderly mistreatment.
Analysis of the problem There are many approaches to take when discussing about elderly abuse and neglect. History says that the elderly was once a highly respected member of the community, but as America changed as the attitudes towards the elderly begin to change. In recent years the elderly people have gained increasing attention for abuse, neglect and abandonment. In this research paper most information is knowledge base from classes in Human Behavior. The information has focused on the unique, important studies of the elderly. Governmental agencies strictly are dedicated to elderly abuse. The funds for the organization will come from state and national lotteries. The money for the organization will be dedicated to wearable technology that will monitor falls, sudden impacts, emaciation and monitor bank accounts for out…

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