Elderly Abuse And The Elderly

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Abstract The elderly abuse dates in institutions date back to many years. The elderly persons have experienced many forms of abuse. The abuse ranges from physical to emotional and psychological abuse. The perpetrators in most cases conduct the abuse unintentionally. However, the fact remains that elderly abuse is a vice that needs to be rooted out in the elderly institutions. This paper makes an incisive analysis of elderly abuse with particular regard to the types and forms of the particular abuse. Nonetheless, in this paper, it is important to indicate that information on the extent of abuse in the elderly population is scant, and hence, it is not easy to validate the extent and severity of the cases of elderly abuse in the relevant institutions. Finally, the paper concludes with appropriate recommendations on how elderly abuse can be prevented and even managed. Elderly abuse in Institutions Introduction There has been a changing demographic trend towards an increasingly older population. This trend presents many challenges for the healthcare systems. Over the past few years, the main challenges have been the neglect and abuse of the elderly in institutions and care facilities. Neglect and abuse can occur in various ways and forms which range from financial abuse to self-neglect. These forms are mostly present in the rubrics of domestic violence; they occur with greater intensity and frequency in the institutional settings. However, it is imperative to indicate

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