Elderly Abuse Research Paper

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Imagine your grandma getting weaker and no longer being able to provide for herself. You make the difficult decision to put her into a long-term care facility. She loves it there and you are happy to see grandma happy again. After a while, she begins to become more withdrawn and depressed. One day, you noticed a bruise on her arm. She told you she must of bumped it. A couple weeks later, she has more bruises all over. You report these bruises to the nurse and she notices they are shaped like hand-prints. Loved ones at home, as well as, nursing homes all over are being abused. These vulnerable loved ones are not just being physically abuse but, also sexually, psychologically, and financially (“National Elder Abuse”). Abuse is also classified as abandonment and neglect (“National Elder Abuse”). Elderly abuse is a serious problem having a few simple solutions.…show more content…
As people age, their abilities to care for themselves begin to diminish. They are no longer able to go to many activities by themselves. Their muscles weaken, bones become brittle, and their memory become hazy. The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study, conducted in 1996, reports that 47.9 percent of reported incidents of elder abuse were unable to care for themselves (“The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study”). It also reports that around 14 percent have difficulties with at least one activity of daily living (“The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study”). This study was conducted to shed a light on this problem. This study proved just
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