Elderly Care

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Elderly Care Ethical issue Paper Oshein Robinson Abstract When we are talking about the word neglect or abuse it is usually associated with woman, children and or animals. We forget to think about elderly abuse, which is overlooked because there is plenty of elderly who can look after themselves and still be a valuable part of society, but we forget the ones who are not capable of that. This paper is about raising concern about the ethical issues of elderly being abused and mistreated. Table of Contents Introduction 4 Physical Abuse 5 PYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE 6 neglect & Financial ABUSE 6 Sexual abuse 6 scope of the problem 7 SOLUTION 8 Conclusion 8 Citations 10 Introduction Elder Abuse is any form of…show more content…
neglect & Financial ABUSE Neglect is the abandonment that the elder may feel when the caretaker is not fulfilling their obligations. Neglect includes not providing food, water, clothing, medications and assistance with daily activities such as personal hygiene. Some elderly also suffer from unintentional neglect due to a lack of understanding of their needs. An example of this is the caregiver may not provide a safe environment if they fail to realize there are rugs and poor lighting on stairs can be a hazard to elderly people. Or the caregiver may not know the nutritional requirements of the person in their care and may not provide him or her with the proper food. In a CNN report 12% of elders died in a nursing home due to neglect. Neglect can also be not paying the bills for the older person, if the care giver is responsible for paying their bills. The lack of paying the elder person bills is also another type of abuse which is called financial abuse and exploitation. The caregiver can use the older person personal funds or government funded money to satisfy their own needs and leave the elder with no money and in debt. Sexual abuse Sexual abuse on elder person can range from sexual gestures to rape. Inappropriate touching and forcing the person to do anything sexual with the caregiver or a third party. Making the older person watch pornographic material is also considered
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