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A 5-year Marketing Plan for Senior Citizen Home Safety Association


Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA/the association) was founded in 1996, reacting to the tragedy that more than a hundred singleton elders were found dead under the sudden attack of a cold spell at the same year. It was the first charitable institution offering emergency link service to the elderly in Hong Kong. Making use of innovative technology and personalized service, the association aims to create a quality living environment for the seniors by the operating as a self-financed social enterprise.

Situation Analysis
Industry Trend :
The elderly-care-service industry is on a
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3. Their partners include Social Welfare Department, HKSAR, Hong Kong Observatory, RTHK, United Christian Hospital, District Councils, etc.
4. A piece of news on 17, February 2009(MingPao) reported that a private company offering similar service with the association deliberately made use of inappropriate selling methods leading to misunderstandings to citizens.

Potential Market for marketing
Due to the unique nature of the association(as a self-financed social enterprise), the potential market for the association should not quite different to normal private companies/ profit-making organizations. The potential market for the association should be surely the seniors in need in the community, but also the generous donors, volunteers, the media and even the Government. Their support on the association will be of paramount importance to sustain the quality service provided to the clients, such as the provision of necessary funding for daily operation, human resources, training and guidance. (Hellinger, 1987)

Future Customers
The future customers of the association will not be likely to change much with the previous customers. The association may still focus on the caring on the aged chronic patients, the elderly living alone and those under financial difficulties. In addition, with the increase in proportion of aged people in the future population, more personal emergency
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