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Elderly Client Project
Winston Salem State University

Nursing 3303 October 17, 2012

Elderly Client Project
Mrs. F. Nowell is a ninety-four year old mother, grandmother and great grandmother living in a skilled nursing facility. She has several co-morbidities which are managed medically and chemically within a detailed nursing care plan. She is diagnosed with type II diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, pedal neuropathy, and arthritis. Within this paper we will explore her age related changes, concept of health and wellness, one chronic disease, diabetes, along with the care and health maintenance associated with this chronic illness, compare and
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She lives in a skilled nursing facility where her blood sugar is checked before meals and at bedtime. She is treated with Novalog Insulin in the morning and evening which keeps her blood sugars at a normal range between 80 and 100, and below 150. They encourage healthy meals and eating, though Mrs. Nowell admits to having family bring in snacks to her liking which are not always on the American Diabetic Association (ADA) food options. The nursing facility also goes to great lengths to ensure meticulous foot care is provided to all diabetics. They inspect their feet when assisting in dressing and showering, as well as, have podiatry perform toenail clipping. Mrs. Nowell does not see her diabetes as a disease, but rather a lifestyle and way of living.
Compare and Contrast Medical/Nursing Care and Current Research
As previously mentioned Mrs. Nowell’s diabetes is treated with insulin and given a diet per recommendations of the ADA. The nurses perform regular blood sugar checks before each meal and at bedtime, following a regimented nursing care plan to keep her blood sugar below 150. However recent guideline updates recommend that primary care physicians do not push the patients to obtain a standard targeted blood sugar level. The facility nurses also provide education on healthy snacks and exercise programs available to their residents. Because obesity
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