Elderly Drivers

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An Age Old Problem In today’s society automobile accidents are an everyday occurrence. Mishaps can happen anywhere at any given time. In the past ten years accidents have averaged around ten million occurring for each year (US Census Bureau). That is 100 million automobile accidents in ten years. Most people would automatically point their fingers at young drivers in today’s world. A number of accidents are caused by teens though I believe a worse threat is starting to appear. This threat being elderly drivers over the age of 70. These elderly drivers could be considered dangerous due to their decline in sensory. With more elderly drivers increasing over the years, drivers everywhere could be in danger. Within the next 20 years the…show more content…
Coordination allows th driver to stay on the road or in the proper lane without fail (Saison). The body is not the only thing to weaken with the aging process. The mind also begins to weaken and work much slower with time. With this it can become more difficult for an elderly person to pay attention to the road or notice caution signs. An example would be an elderly driver not realizing the car in front of them has stopped or slowed down thus resulting in crashing into the rear of the car. Reaction time also begins to fade with the mind (Saison). Reaction time is necessary in being able to make lane changes properly and prevent possible accidents. Having a diminished reaction time could result in an accident or car fatality. In order to keep drivers safe and out of harms’ way there is a simple solution. Make elderly drivers retake their driver’s education course to prove that they are able to drive properly. The drivers ed course isn’t simply there for one to get their license. The course teaches people of driving laws and how to properly operate their vehicle. It teaches individuals how to navigate the roads safely and prevent accidents from happening. In North Carolina there are requirements that must be met before a person is allowed to drive. The first requirement that one must pass is an in class lesson and test. This test covers criteria on safe driving procedure, road signs, and common knowledge questions.

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