Elderly Parole Essay

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Parole for the Elderly
Tynesha Wilson
CJHS 430
November 17, 2014
Christopher Abreu

Parole for the Elderly
There are many arguments for and against confining the sick and elderly adults in jail. Some of the arguments include but are not limited to the cost to house these inmates (elderly and sick), monies used to house these inmates could be used to fund other programs, where will these inmates go once they are released, the reduction of overcrowding in the prison system, may increase crime and the homeless population, etc. Should the elderly be released just because a large amount of money is spent just to house them or should those elderly inmates remain incarcerated because they did the crime and should have to do the crime?
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Would it be fair to say to inmates who are incarcerated for committing the same crimes that just because someone is elderly or sick he or she may be released and they (the younger inmates) have to stay? The more favoritism shown to the elderly and sickly the harder it will be for the criminal justice system to remain fair and just to all.
Another argument for paroling the sick and elderly is that paroling those inmates (sick and elderly) will reduce the overcrowding of prisons. Prisons are grossly overcrowded. There are many inmates in the prison system that has been incarcerated for over 25 years if not more! The more inmates (non-violent) that can be released back into society the less people being housed in the prison system thus freeing up space and money that can be used in other ways such as for violent criminals. Everyday inmates are placed in the prison system after being convicted of a crime(s), with every prisoner the prison takes in the overcrowding problem increases.
In 2006, United States District Judge Thelton Henderson ruled that federal oversight of the state prison system was needed after determining that an average of one inmate per week died as a result of medical malpractice or neglect (Californiahealthline.org). Prisons are sometimes very understaffed not to mention that they are not equipped to handle the different types of illnesses that are brought to the prison by
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