Elderly Visual Analysis Essay

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I decided to hold a sketch activity for the elderly who are living in nursing home. Most of the elderly love to have a walk in the little park or garden. And some of them seldom go to outdoor because of their health are not very well. So I hope this sketch activity can let elderly have a chance to linger over the view and stretch their body and mind.

Process Frame Work

1.Target group: Elderly (aged ⩾65) from Nursing Home

2.Theme: Impressionism landscape painting

3.Learning Objective: Let elderly have a chance to linger over the view and stretch their body and mind. Also let them have a touch on painting and have a basic knowledge on impressionism, pointillism.

4.The process of painting activity:

Firstly, I will explain
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We will try to paint some image with small dots of pure colour. I think this skill is easy for elderly because they no need to draw the images so detail, and everyone also know how to draw dots without any painting experiences. Also acrylic is easy for them to control, the texture of acrylic is quite thick, people can create rough irregular surface texture of the nature scenery easier. They just need to draw out their roughly impression of the view, but the main point is to tell them to observe the bright and shadow of the image, if they can use the right colour and draw out the bright and shadow, than they can create a beautiful painting.

After that, we will go to the nearest garden and start the landscape painting in impressionism. The elderly will be divided into a few groups and carried by nurses to different areas. I will ask them to choose a small part of the view, no need to draw too complex. Then I will teach them to have a draft first, than they can fill up the outline of the images by dots. I will walk around to see if they have any difficulty while they are drawing and also give them some advices of their painting or give them some help of the drawing if it is
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