Elderly and Road Exam

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Many older people are cashing more than ever because they will not give up their car keys when they need to say it is time to give up driving. We should defiantly propose that we take care of this issue by making them retake the exam. So many elderly are getting into wrecks and some are even driving on the wrong side of the road killing people. By proposing that we need to force the elderly to retake that driving exam every six months is to insure that they will be able to drive more safely on our public roads still today. A lot of people agree and dis-agree with the retaking idea of an exam, but it would be very beneficial to enforce this as a new law due to the high rising risks of older drivers. “Citizen Drivers over 65 may need…show more content…
The ability to operate a vehicle affords them mobility in a state where alternate transportation is often not available” (Zarate, 2). The government could just make them retake the exam every year or every six months depending on past wrecks and medical issues. Missouri has not made this a law but there has been other attempts in other states that have been working great. “Today fifteen other states require accelerated license renewal for older drivers, but instead of renewals every four years they are renewed every two years or even annually” (Zarate, 2). “Illinois and New Hampshire are two states close to Missouri and they require a road test for applicants over age 75” (Zarate, 2). “Florida and Virginia may be farther, but they still require vision tests for drivers over 80” (Zarate, 2). The driving rates of wrecks would decrease considerably by providing a way of transportation for the elderly to still get around, but safer plus be able to maybe collect money off of it for the government. The sponsors of the legislation who want to do something about the high accident rates among senior drivers have instead called for a state transportation plan they call "The Uniform Senior Citizens Safe Driving Health Centers and Protection of Senior Citizen Pedestrians and Automobile Passengers Act” (Zarate, 2). This calls for the Transportation Department to come up with a good

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