Eleanor Roosevelt : An Influential First Lady

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An influential first lady, civil rights activist, feminist and writer, Eleanor Roosevelt was born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt on October 11, 1884 in New York City and died November 7, 1962. Eleanor was born to Anna Hall and Elliot Roosevelt, who is the little brother of future President, Theodore Roosevelt. Eleanor was raised by her grandmother, Mary Livingston Ludlow, after the premature death of her parents. Eleanor then moved to England where she attended a private school, there she had a feminist teacher, Marie Souvestre who taught and encouraged the learning in independent thinking in young women. At age 17, Eleanor returned back home in 1902 where she was presented in a debutante ball (her “coming-out” party that established when a women…show more content…
One thing that Eleanor obtained that helped her gain the support of the citizens in various communities throughout the United States was her daily column in the newspaper, “My Day”. In Eleanor column “My Day” she focused on various pressing issues and successes that involved race, equality, politics and national events such as Pearl Harbor. The column was a way for her to communicate and still appear as a normal person through the eyes of everyone else. “My Day” is what is says, Eleanor talking to the readers about her day. “My Day” appeared in 90 different papers all over the nation, six days a week up from 1935 till 1961; in 1961she requested for her column to only appear every other day due to her age and becoming ill. During the time Eleanor served as first lady she wrote over 8,000 columns, more than 555 articles, she also delivered more than seventy-five speeches a year (Eleanor). All of her work was done with self-confidence, independence, authority and cleverness and she utilized her column to obtain a voice that could be heard by thousands.
The New Deal:
Soon after President Franklin Roosevelt took office he began to work on stabilizing America’s economy. The government instituted programs and projects, known as The New Deal. During 1933, Eleanor Roosevelt was involved in a succession of national programs that helped rebuild communities after the Great Depression called the New Deal.
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