Eleanor Roosevelt

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Hernandez 1 Hernandez 1 On October 11, 1884, a remarkable individual whom would later be considered one of the world’s most influential women was born. Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York to her parents Anna Hall Roosevelt and Elliot Roosevelt. With her blue eyes and light brown hair, she would warm the heart of every individual she came across. She grew to be five feet and eleven inches, which to this day makes her the tallest first lady. With regards of being the first lady she never regarded herself as a V.I.P., however she demonstrated her status with naturalness and simplicity. Her simple style and elegant way’s imposed her true character as the first lady. Through the public eye she …show more content…
This left Eleanor in a decisive predicament. She offered to divorce him; in her heart she knew that it would damage his and her new political career. She was also concerned for the well being of her children. Eleanor said, “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” In my perspective, I whole-heartedly concur with this quote because she sacrificed herself rather than to sacrifice her family. She was willing to stay in a marriage that didn’t even suit her just because she put others before herself. Putting all of their differences aside, she still stood by his side as a normal first lady. This represents her strong quality and character as a powerful woman. Eleanor was admired for her idealism and good spirits. Many individuals benefited from her warm humanitarianism and deep concern for the world. Being that she had great work ethic and wise counsel she devoted most of her time to charity work. In 1902 in New York City, she participated in community service projects all over the Manhattan Lower East Side. Her passion for learning and teaching went to a settlement home with needy children. During this time she taught dancing, literature and calisthenics. She visited needy children in the slums and investigated working conditions in garment factories and department stores. During World War One, Eleanor worked for the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society and American Red Cross. She helped aid wounded and dying soldiers. She defends

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