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Competency 117.1.5: Individuals as Mechanisms of Social/Governmental Change - The graduate assesses the role of individual agency in historical events by examining the role played by particular individuals in large-scale instances of social/governmental change. Competency 117.1.6: Institutions as Mechanisms of Social/Governmental Change -The graduate evaluates social movements as a catalyst of and mechanism for social and governmental change.
B. Justify your choice of the two most significant social and/or political changes that occurred as a result of the actions of one individual from the following list of United States leaders:
• Martin Luther King, Jr.
• Susan B. Anthony
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They wanted the party to endorse such items as the League of Nations, enforcement of Prohibition, equal pay for women workers, and safe working conditions.” (Harris, 2007) This was the first time women had been included in the national convention and they were marginalized and basically ignored by the men. This did not deter Eleanor, she would continue to work for women’s equal rights. She would never be silenced and continued to share her concerns with Franklin throughout his presidency. She encouraged Franklin to include women in his White House appointments and was successful in this endeavor. “At times she got on his nerves, but Franklin would consider her opinions, sometimes taking her suggestions, sometimes ignoring them.” (Harris, 2007)
Eleanor herself may have been one of the most effective encouragements for women of her time. In her lifetime she owned her own company, taught English literature, drama and American history, wrote for several magazines, spoke at political rallies and conventions, and eventually became a delegate to the United Nations. While her tireless work was invaluable, the manner in which she lived her life and the effect she had on all those around her, would light the way for generations of women to come.
In 1942 she

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