Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt’s work has made a significant impact on the interpersonal domain. Her work touched the lives of millions of Americans and influenced many aspects of American politics. She was a master of her domain, interacting with millions and breaking down many barriers. Her work can be considered creative because it was so unconventional. She took on roles that were considered untraditional for women, and with an innovative approach. I admire her work as a leader, a woman, and a creative individual. Although I cannot imagine having as far reaching an impact as Eleanor Roosevelt, I hope to be strong in the interpersonal domain. As an organizational leadership major, the traits of the interpersonal
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When young Eleanor was eight years old, her life took a devastating twist. Her loving mother, Anna, died from diphtheria (Lash 5). Eleanor had been staying with her godmother during her mother’s illness. Young Eleanor acted completely unaffected by her mother’s death (Youngs 50). At that time, she was sent to live in New York City with her maternal grandmother and an aunt. She remained close to her father, but saw him only sporadically (Berger 1). Only two years later, when Eleanor was ten years old, her father died. Eleanor became withdrawn, and stopped interacting with classmates. It was believed that she was reacting to a fear of abandonment (Lash 5). Having lost the two most important people in her life, Eleanor began to push everyone away.

At the age of 15, Eleanor left New York City. She spent the next three years in London, at Allenswood Finishing School (Berger 1). Rather than withdrawing, as she had before, Eleanor thrived in the new environment. She returned to New York as a confident young woman, prepared to make her debut in society (Youngs 76). It was during this same period that her distant cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt entered her life. After a three year courtship, the couple married in 1905 (Lash 12). In 1910, FDR decided to run for the New York State Legislature. He won by a slim margin, and in 1911 was sworn into the state legislature (Youngs 108). Thus began Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s

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