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Rafaela Sandoval Comm 8 21 September 2012 General purpose: to inform Specific purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will know Eleanor Roosevelt background and her greatest accomplishment, also about the Declaration of human rights and both their impact on the world. Eleanor Roosevelt 1. Introduction a) Have you ever wondered what a first lady goes through? Well back in the time for the first one hundred forty-four years of the presidency the first ladies were generally little accessory for the president. In 1933, this was all to change when Eleanor Roosevelt became first lady of the United States; she became the wife of the 32 president. 2. Body a) Background – was born to a well-known family, niece of…show more content…
- the declaration arose directly from the experiences of the WW2 and represents the first global expression of rights to which all human being are inherently entitled. - Important to settle rights c) The impact on the world and on woman - according to top 10 women of the 20 century- Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the greatest women of the 20th century. - She worked for the welfare of the youth, African Americans, the poor, and women though the United Nations that she helped to develop. - She played a leading part in women’s organizations - She was a key figure in the creation of the groundbreaking Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) - She fought for the right of women to vote gained in 1920, for better working conditions for women, and women’s rights in general - thanks to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights others treaties, regional human rights instruments, national constitutions and laws were made. -according to A United Nations Priority, “today it has been translated into nearly 250 national and local languages, is the best known and most cited human right document in the world.” 3. Conclusion a) Now you know about Eleanor Roosevelt background, her driving forces on the Universal Declaration of human rights, and her impact in woman roles. b) Now you know of the greatest women of the 20 century, she is role model for all woman to stand up for their
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