Eleanor Roosevelt, The Best Environment

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Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility”. This is very true for many situations in life, but can be very well applied to the event of child birthing. Although this is a very normal, perhaps even mundane, phenomenon, most mothers take much thought to it over the course of nine months. With careful and intentional planning, many mothers will decide ahead of time the location and place they wish to deliver their child. The most common type of births or deliveries happen in either a hospital setting or a in home setting. Some would argue that a hospital is the best environment to deliver, whereas some would say a home environment is best. Now, to decided which environment is the best to deliver a baby is largely dependant on the mother. As medicine has advanced greatly over the centuries, a large amount of people across the globe would suggest that a baby should be delivered in a hospital setting. A hospital birth has many, if not the most, positive aspects to its approach. As far as experience, knowledge, accessibility, and safety goes it is top notch. It takes twelve years to become an Obstetrician after graduating high school. At this point in time, one has learned and gained immense wisdom and knowledge about the human body studying the course of pre-medicine and medicine. Not only has an Obstetrician gained educational knowledge

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