Eleanor Roosevelt as a Campaigner for Human Rights

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1. INTRODUCTION Human rights are rights that every single one of us has just by the fact that we are humans. But it wasn't like that always. We didn't always have those rights. A lot of time, struggle and many fights had to pass for these rights to start being acknowledged and respected. Many people in the past dedicated their lives to the fight for human rights. They weren't afraid to stand for what they believed in and they believed in a better tomorrow. They did everything that was in their power to make sure it comes true. But even now, after everything they did and all the progress they made we still hear and read about basic human rights being violated all around the world. When the time to choose the topic for this essay…show more content…
Her invitation failed and she invited NAACP Executive Secretary Walter White and the presidents of African American universities to the White House to discuss the situation. After this meeting she pressured National Recovery administrator Donald Richberg to investigate race-based wage differences implemented by southern industries. Eleanor soon embraced civil rights agenda and championed equal opportunity. Quality education became her number one public priority and she urged states to address the inequities in public school funding. Her symbolic outreach got a strong response from African Americans. By the beginning of 1934 she received thousand of letters describing racial violence, poverty and homelessness and pleading for any kind of help. Mary McLeod Bethune, whom Eleanor met in 1927 at an education conference, also helped Eleanor's understanding of the problem African Americans were facing. She brought list of requests for Eleanor's interventions. The two of them developed extremely close relationship. Eleanor's decision to challenge the segregation ordinance at the 1938 convening of the Southern Conference on Human Welfare in Birmingham was based partly on her desire to sit with Bethune. 2. BIOGRAPHY Eleanor Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt in full, was the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, United Nations diplomat and a

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