Eleanor Roosevelt's Childhood

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Eleanor Roosevelt’s Childhood Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was an amazing lady. Think about it though, what comes to mind when you hear her name? For most people you think first lady, but there is a lot of information in her childhood that led up to her becoming all that she was. She was born on the 11th of October in New York in 1884. Her parents were Anna Hall Roosevelt and Elliott Roosevelt. But little Eleanor didn’t have the greatest childhood. She was always known as a shy and observant girl and she often noticed her parents fighting. In one of her books she talks about how she can remember her mother laying on the bed crying while, she ran her fingers through her mother's hair to calm her down ( Eleanor also became extremely self-conscience due to her mother’s stunning beauty. Her mother nick named her granny because of the way that she looked and this took a toll on little Eleanor. Then, in 1892 her mother passed and Eleanor became more attached to her father. Elliott wasn’t exactly focused on Eleanor at the time and what she can remember of him wasn’t love and affection. Everything changed in 1894 when Eleanor’s father died. She became an orphan and her grandmother (Mary Hall) took care of her. But Eleanor was always lonely while living with her grandmother ( In 1899 Eleanor was sent by her grandmother to Allenswood Academy in London. This was where Eleanor would find out that politics were her calling. Her teacher, Mademoiselle Marie
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