Eleanor 's Family : Eleanor And Park

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Every person’s life is built upon the diversity of influences from others. First, Eleanor’s family greatly influences her life in a negative way. Next, Park’s parents influence Eleanor’s life by showing her affection that she does not normally experience. Finally, Park is a major positive influence in her life for many different reasons. In the novel, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor’s family, Park’s parents, and Park are all significant influences in Eleanor Douglas’ life. Eleanor’s family negatively influences Eleanor by exposing her to the harsh realities of the world. Firstly, Eleanor’s step-father, Richie, abuses her mother, Sabrina, on a daily basis for various reasons. Throughout the book, Eleanor gives us evidence that her mother is being physically and sexually abused. Almost every night, she hears her mom screaming and crying, hears the noise of bedsprings, and sees bruises the next day. Richie prohibits her mother from driving, keeping her completely isolated and without friends. This makes Eleanor and her siblings believe that the way he treats their mother is acceptable in society. Second, Eleanor’s mother portrays to her that it is appropriate for women in relationships to be controlled by their significant other. In the novel, Sabrina states, “I have to think of myself. In a few years, you 'll be on your own, but Richie is my husband” (Rowell 187). This is showing Eleanor that all she really needs in life is a husband. She is being taught…
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