Essay Electable or Not, Trump is Good for America

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There are seven hopefuls who are likely going to formally announce their candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, within the next week and many more who are contemplating a run. None of them invoke an emotional, if not polarizing response quite like “The Donald.” It is early yet, but the only Republican hopeful who has broken from the reserved, almost polite rhetoric of the early stump speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire, and the government-as-usual policy discussions on the Sunday media carousel, has been Donald Trump. By removing the shackles of political correctness and “media-speak,” Mr. Trump tossed a few verbal hand grenades into the throng of Obama-friendly, group-think media sycophants, who were waiting…show more content…
The subject of President Obama’s birth certificate has been mostly off limits for those who wish to avoid the wrath of the Obama-friendly media. Refreshingly, Trump is facing the Obama media head on, with his questions about why the president has spent so much money and time keeping his birth certificate, college records, and health records from the public eye. Trump not only asks these questions of the president, but he asks mainstream reporters why they have not been the least bit interested in vetting Barack Obama as thoroughly as they have other presidential candidates. With Donald Trump the best defense is a good offense, and that is a strategy the other Republican hopefuls had better understand this time. Why is the Tea Party now playing such a vital role in American Politics? Its members are angry and fed up with both parties – they have reached a tipping point on the size of the Federal Government. They have grown tired of politicians playing “footsie” with the media, and they are tired of politicians compromising on the future of this once-great nation. Trump echoes these concerns better than the so-called frontrunners; he

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