Election Day After President Of The United States

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Election Day is when Americans everywhere get to cast their vote for the next President of the United States. However, Americans don 't directly vote for President. So, what 's happening on Election Day then? It is a bit complicated due to a system involving something called the Electoral College. The Electoral College is the collection of 538 votes that determine who will be the next President of the United States of America. The number 538 comes from the number of Representatives, 438, plus the number Senators, 100, all of which make up Congress. These votes, however, are not given directly to the citizens; they are divvied up amongst the states. Every state, no matter how populous, receives a minimum of three votes in the Electoral College. The remaining votes are then given out in proportion to the states ' population (Walenta, 2010). On Election Day, when citizens go to vote, they are not actually voting for who they want to be the next President. They are actually only deciding who the electors will be and telling them how they want them to vote ("Electoralvote.com" ). If a candidate wins the majority of the votes in a state, no matter how minor, he will obtain all of that state’s votes. For example, Florida has 29 votes in the Electoral College, if one candidate were to receive just 51% of Florida’s vote, he would receive all of the 29 votes, even when 49% of the state did not vote for him. There are many controversial topics regards the Electoral College and how it
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