Election Day Millions Of Americans

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During election day millions of Americans are going to cast their vote for who they want to be the next president of the United States. Except is a lot more complicated than it seems. The electoral college is the collection of 538 delegates that have the power to determine who the next president will be; the number of total representatives in the House and Senate. These 538 votes aren’t given to the citizen directly, but they are instead divided among the 50 states in America. Currently, people are suggesting who their state should pick for president. Simply put, if a state has a majority of votes for one candidate (however small the majority is) that candidate gets all the electoral votes from said state; winner takes all. So, a candidate must win over half of the voting population in enough states to get the majority of electoral votes to win the election. But that’s not all, these said electors aren’t nailed down to vote for who their state constituents want at all; millions of votes can be thrown in the trash and forgotten forever.

Many believe the electoral college’s votes protect the states that have small populations from the large populations states and in turn candidates will have to give more attention to small states. If this was true it is being executed horrifically. Candidates are visiting, advertising, and campaigning more and more in swing states. In other words, the electoral college doesn’t make candidates care about small states, or even big states.…
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