Election Day Rises And The Electoral College System

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As election day rises, so does significant questions surrounding the Electoral College system. Mainly the subject of whether or not to disband the system will again be a hot topic amongst voters and legislatures. The question that remains in the minds of the everyday voter is if their vote actually counts toward appointing a President when a system such as the Electoral College is in place. Nevertheless, before forming an opinion on the matter it is important that one consider what the Electoral College actually is and how it functions, furthermore understanding why the framers of the Constitution thought it necessary to create this system. To properly form an opinion, avenues of critics and supporters must both be explored. Only through this considerable amount of information gathered can you take a stance on the topic. Rooted in Article II section I of the constitution, the electoral college is a system put in place to delegate the Presidency. The Electors that comprise the electoral college are 435 House of representative members 100 senators along with 3 electors appointed from the the District of Columbia, for a total of 538. To win the the Presidency a Candidate must receive 270 votes from the electoral college, the number of electoral votes a state has varies based on population and the representation the State has in Congress. Appointed Electors are voted into the position by popular demand, nevertheless regardless of their states popular vote toward a particular…
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