Election Is A Major Event For The Whole Nation

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No doubt the 2016 election is a major event for the whole nation. The presidential election is one of the most memorable elections this nation has ever had. There is no clear view on who will win presidency. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have done a great job in addressing their beliefs on the major issues America has had.
Democrats is a party that believes in unity and equal opportunity for everyone in the nation. They believe that the individual can never be stronger than the whole. Everyone working together is when the nation is at its best. They want equal opportunity for everyone. The issues that Democrats focus include everyone getting the same educational experience, everyone having the fair amount of access to health care, more jobs available, and getting paid the same amount for the same position regardless of gender, ethnicity and so on. They also want to protect the environment and preserve it. Republicans, on the other hand, are different from Democrats. They believe that there should not be a strong government involvement in the lives of people because smaller governments can be work better. They also believe the military needs to be strong so they can better protect this nation and those veterans who fight for our nation should be well taken care of. They believe healthcare choices should be in the hands of each individual and there should be no failure in the educational system. Republicans also believe that marriage should stay traditional and…
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