Election of 2014 in Bangladesh

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Problem of National Election 2014 Bangladesh could face a protracted political crisis in the Lead-up to the 2013 elections unless Prime Minister SheikhHasina’s government changes course and take a more conciliatory approach towards the political opposition and the military. In December 2008, following two years of a military-backed caretaker government, the Awami League (AL) secured a landslide victory in what were widely acknowledged to be the fairest elections in the country’s history. The hope, both at home and abroad, was that Sheikh Hasina would use her mandate to revitalize democratic institutions and pursue national reconciliation, ending the pernicious cycle of zero-sum politics between her AL and its rival, the Bangladesh…show more content…
Based on extensive interviews and other sources, this report looks at why public trust in the AL government declined and examines the risks another prolonged electoral deadlock in 2013 would pose. The lack of a caretaker government system is not the BNP’s only issue; it is also angry over the possible conviction of Khaleda Zia or her son, Tarique, in their ongoing court cases, which would bar them from the elections. Such a judgment could only be designed to cripple the BNP, one 81 under the constitution, the next general elections must be held in the 90 days before 24 January 2014. 82 Crisis Group interview, Dhaka, March 2012. 83 Crisis Group interview, adviser to the prime minister, Dhaka, March 2012. 84 Crisis Group interview, Dhaka, January 2012. 85 Crisis Group interview, Dhaka, March 2012. ________________________________________ Prospectus of national election 2014 The action plan is complementary to the five year strategic plan and the two need to be consulted together. It is more detailed and structured version of the strategic plan. It describes a series of action on an annual basis that will move the Bangladesh election commission to wards meeting its objectives and goals and therefore, its mission and vision. It is targeted towards operations, procedures and process and details of who will do what, when and how. This action plan details the activates for the fiscal years 2011-2013 within the broad
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