Elections, Campaigns, and Politics

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It is the year 2014 and the media plays a significant role on informing the public on elections and campaigns and politics; although, the public is in constant need of new information from the media, there is an underlying distrust in the American population on the media for false campaigning covered and which can be perceived as media bias. There are countless of misconceptions on how the government can and does influence the media and equally how the influence media has on the government. Moreover, the media aids in the persuasion of what the voters should care about in elections and what foundation they should use to evaluate the candidates. There is a reoccurring relationship between the government, media, and the public; meanwhile, the media on occasion shape the public’s opinion in their favor and it has an even more important role on influencing the voters on what issue to focus on rather than influencing them on what to think about on the issues. Additionally, the media has the power to categorize what are “important problems” and whatever they feel the public should be more concerned with. A vast majority of the public are unaware on how huge of a role the government has in the media. The media’s public officials are the sources in the news that help the government decide the media’s content. On the contrary, the media can also set the political agenda by narrowing the specific issues and persuading what issues the public and government should be more concerned
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