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THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE- IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON The next President of the United States, the successor to William Jefferson Clinton and man who will lead America as the first President of the new millennium is George W. Bush, the Republican governor of Texas, the son of a former President. Or it’s Democratic Vice President Al Gore, President Clinton’s right hand man for the past eight years. One of these gentlemen is the next leader of the free world. Who that gentleman is will in all likelihood be determined by the Supreme Court. Which is probably not what our nation’s Founding Fathers had in mind when they designed the Presidential election process. The 2000 Presidential Election has been nothing short of a fiasco on many…show more content…
One of the biggest proponents of the direct vote was future President James Madison, who, despite his concerns over unfairness to the underpopulated southern states, felt that since one of the President’s jobs was to guard the people from the legislature, he should be elected by the people he is guarding. (Pierce 41). It was generally believed, however, that the people were essentially misinformed and easily confused and misled. Despite being voted down on two separate occasions, the direct vote system did demonstrate the hazards of the legislature selecting the president. (Pierce 41) Eventually, what developed was the Electoral College. The idea behind the Electoral College was to have “electors” that could not be a member of Congress, vote for the President. The final plan, after two were voted down, was to have the electors selected by each state's legislatures. It was agreed that each state’s electors would be the total of the states representatives and senators.( Electoral 256). The process for electing the President of the United States had been determined.(Pierce 44). The states used three methods for choosing electors. The first was the legislative system, in which state legislatures chose the electors, the district system whereby electors were chosen by Congressional district and the general ticket, where the winner was determined
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