Electoral College Vs Popular Vote Analysis

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During the 2016 election, the GOP swept positions across the nation, controlling the Legislative, Executive, and soon the Judicial branch of government. Members of the Legislative and Judicial branch are elected by their state by forms of a direct democratic vote by the state’s citizens. When electing the President, it is more complex; there are two major factors involved, The Electoral College and popular vote. It is possible for most Americans to vote for a candidate, but that candidate can still lose the election as it has happened in multiple occasions; the only way to prevent this undemocratic act is to base elections on the country’s national popular vote, the people’s vote. The Electoral College is intended to bring balance to elections…show more content…
Government professor Joseph Sekul says, since most of the population is located along the coasts where liberal issues predominate, a popular vote would formulate for the nation to focus on issues on the left. Without the Electoral College, states with a lower population would be represented less (Wilcox 3). According to Akshay, the Electoral College “forces candidates to be moderate, uniting and representing all Americans”. A beneficial factor of the Electoral College is swing states (A state where the two major parties have similar levels of support from voters and switch their voting tendencies, important in determining the election). Because swing state citizens know they have a higher voter efficacy, therefore they educate themselves on policy and issues before following a party. Finally, while Republicans in Democratic states and Democrats in Republican states may feel silenced, “citizens vote to express preference, not to swing elections” (Prabhushankar 2). Some people may agree the Electoral College is a vital part of our election, but their argument falls apart when it runs against the will of the country. According to Jon Wilcox, Goliad County Democratic Chairman Charles Clapsaddle thinks that when a president wins the Electoral College but does not win the majority of the votes, Americans are not represented democratically (Wilcox…show more content…
As in a democracy, we are all equal, one person, one vote. The Electoral College eliminates our sense of democratic value, and replaces them with a system that creates voter inequality. The system of election cannot be called a democracy when it decreases voter turnout, has a winner-take all system in place, and creates swing states that receive benefits other states don’t. A popular vote would eliminate such problems, and the steps toward implementing the National Popular Vote bill would be to elect politicians that support such progressive views into office in the next round of elections in
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