Electoral Fraud And Election Fraud

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There are four possible solutions to election fraud. It is safe to say that election fraud can be stopped by voter fraud more than most things. The first out of the four possible solutions to election fraud is having government accessed identification cards. This means that whenever there is an election, registered voters are to bring in their government accessed identification cards to stop voter fraud and the election fraud in the process. If you do not bring in your government accessed identification cards when coming to the polls then you are not allowed to vote. This would surely help stop voter fraud and election fraud to a degree. The only reason for the cards is to stop citizens who are taking advantage of their rights, and voting…show more content…
You can get trained as a poll watcher or even help to train a new poll watcher. You can go through all of the voting papers and make sure that the registration papers match the obituaries to voter rolls. Also, you can have two or more names of people who are deceased, and match them to people who are coming to vote and make sure that they are not voting more than once. The final possible solution to election fraud is to strengthen current fraud laws. There are already laws written in the books prohibiting voting fraud but, from our cases of voter fraud we can tell that they have not been enforced. All that we have to do is be serious about these elections and make sure that everyone has an equal and fair vote in any election. The Unites States’ democracy and Germany’s democracy are alike and different in a couple ways. We are to begin with the couple differences that separate these two countries and their governments. There are far more but we are only to discuss two of the couple differences between the United States’ and Germany’s governments. The first and most important difference between the United States’ and Germany’s democracy is the “majority rules” rule. In the United States, when there is an election, be it presidential, mayoral, or gubernatorial, citizens who vote, can vote for whichever candidate that they see fit for the position. Either candidate that receives more than fifty percent of that population’s vote
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