Electoral Fraud And Election Fraud

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There are four possible solutions to election fraud. It is safe to say that election fraud can be stopped by voter fraud more than most things. The first out of the four possible solutions to election fraud is having government accessed identification cards. This means that whenever there is an election, registered voters are to bring in their government accessed identification cards to stop voter fraud and the election fraud in the process. If you do not bring in your government accessed identification cards when coming to the polls then you are not allowed to vote. This would surely help stop voter fraud and election fraud to a degree. The only reason for the cards is to stop citizens who are taking advantage of their rights, and voting either more than once or in more than one place or election. The second possible solution to election fraud is to create a database of criminal voter while expanding voting within the military. There has been some documentation regarding how some of the military absentee voting ballots were not counted and some were even throw away. Representative Bill Thomas should enact a bill that makes it easy and fair for the military to vote, the bill would be called the Military Voting Rights Act. Also, a solution has been made for the criminal data base, and that is that congress should help the states and counties in scratching the voter rolls of convicts. The third possible solution to election fraud is to start voter integrity groups. You go…

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