Electoral Systems and the Political Parties

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Introduction A political party is a political group that is known officially to be part of the electoral process that is able to support a candidate for elections on a regular basis. Political parties as well as elections tend to play a significant role in the politics analysis in countries across the world (especially developing countries) as well as in democratization and consolidating democratic political regimes. Political parties and elections are usually used as a scale for measuring the extent of democracy in a country. Across the globe elections have been seen as synonymous to democracy especially after the collapse of communism and democracies have resorted to electoral process that offer choices to its citizenry. Being that the process of electoral engineering tend to be a complex one, the choice of specific rules that should govern election is always have profound effect on the extent as well as the type of political competition,( Russell Dalton and Martin Wattenberg,1998). Duverge law, which has been a widely accepted proposition in political science, concerns the relationship between electoral and party systems. Plurality tend to be a situation where the winner takes the entire rules of election to come up with a two party competitive system, on the other hand the rest of electoral regulations such as propositional representation will always produce a multi-party systems which is define by competition between various contending political organizations. Two
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