Electric Cars Disadvantages

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f. Survey The survey section focuses on the anticipated benefits and drawbacks that are associated with the use of the electric car technology.
i. Benefits anticipated for the development of electric cars
The developments of electric cars are associated with numerous benefits to the different stakeholders who are involved in their operations. Among the benefits include the environmental benefits where the use of electric cars has eliminated emission of dangerous gases that are emitted by fuel based cars. The use of electric cars also has numerous health benefits to the public as some of the gases that are realized by fuel based cars are feared to be dangerous to the human health. Wolf, Ingo et al, also explains that electric cars are economical in the long run as the cost of electricity is low than the fuel and gas prices that changes with time (269) . Due to the ease of optimizing electric cars in comparison to fuel cars, the cars are also considered to be much safer to their users in comparison to fuel cars. During accidents, some of the fuel based cars explode as the fuels are flammable. ii. The review of different drawbacks anticipated for this DPC
Despite the numerous benefits that are associated with electric cars, there are some drawbacks that have prevented the popular use of the cars in the current period. Among the drawbacks is the high cost that is associated with buying an electric car. According to Jager et al. most of the electric cars in the market are
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