Electric Cars

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The issue of electric car has been arising nowadays. But many of us never really find a true example of the uses of electric cars in everyday life. From the article "Electrical Engineering", an Australian built his own electric car from a second hand Porsche. The article proves that having a private electric cars is no longer a dream. But do all people know the good things and the bad things about having a private electric car? Now, what electric vehicles really are? Simply put, electric vehicles are vehicles that are powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. Electric vehicle use electricity as the "fuel" instead of gasoline or some other combustible fuel. The electric motor in an electric vehicle…show more content…
While the cost of gasoline can fluctuate significantly over a relatively short time, electricity costs are much more stable and are expected to decrease over the next several years as the industry is deregulated. In conclusion, electric vehicles (i.e. electric cars) have better features almost in all aspects than the conventional petrol powered vehicles. Many people really fancy having their own electric cars, but currently, technology and social aspects are still preventing electric cars to become fully replacing the petrol ones. Although the technology is still not efficient enough, currently we can just sit still waiting for the technology to be developed by the R&D companies. What we must do for now on is to reshape our usual thinking of how a vehicle should be as it is doubtful that electric cars will ever enjoy the range or performance advantages to which auto users have become accustomed with petroleum-fueled engines. When we have really sufficient understanding of these occurring problem, only then we can be said to be ready for the electric

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