Electric Cars Vs. Gasoline Powered Cars

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“ The time is right for electric cars - in fact the time is critical” (Carlos Ghoson). There is really no specific time or place for when the electric car was first invented. Hungary, the Netherlands, and the United States all were toying around with the idea of the electric car. Until the 19th century the inventors built some of the first electric cars. Electric cars were quite and easy, especially for women. They didn’t give off a pollutant smell that other non electric cars give off. Although, automakers were modifying and fixing the problems with gasoline powered cars because there was a problem with what was giving off. Electric cars were able to go up to 60 miles per hour, just like the regular gasoline powered vehicle. Electric cars…show more content…
Electric cars are better than gasoline powered vehicles because they are more efficient. Phillip Dunn indicates that, “The fuel efficiency comes from improvements from aerodynamics, weight reduction, and a smaller less powerful gas engine”(“Hybrid Cars -- Pros and Cons” par. 1). In other words, the fuel efficiency in an electric vehicle has a weaker gas engine which helps prevents pollution in the air. Electric cars are much more lighter due to the lightweight batteries they carry. Also electric cars usually carry only two passengers which reduces the extra…show more content…
The Money Living association explains that, “With gas stations and auto repair shops around every corner, owning a gas car is both convenient and easy” (“The Benefits Of Gas Vs. Electric Cars” Par. 2). This means that regular gasoline powered cars are more convenient. There are gas stations everywhere for when a car needs to get “charged up” again. Instead of waiting a few hours, a car could have a full tank in less than 5 mins. Whenever a car needs fixing there are many body shops around or mechanic shops to get a car fixed. What this argument does not take into account is that electric vehicles are better than gasoline powered cars. Electric cars are safer than gas cars. They are helpful and friendly to the environment. Electric cars don’t pollute the earth. Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars. These electric cars are less problematic, when it comes to replacing or fixing something under the hood. Unlike gas cars there is oil and electric cars don’t have any oil. Which is a good thing, to be cleaner. Electric cars don’t burn any gas which makes the car more
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