Electric Components, Open Architecture Systems, Modularity, And Power Management Systems

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3. Background

These ideas and technologies have been used in other industries but they can be adapted to these vehicles, in order to improve their cost, effectiveness, and maneuverability. Key concepts that can be borrow are all electric components, open architecture systems, modularity, active suspension and control, plug and play components and autonomy.

3.1. All Electrical and Modular Automobile

Automobiles have used internal combustion engine since the first prototypes were assembled. There is a growing trend to change the driving force with electric motors and go all electric or hybrid. There has been extensive research on batteries and power management systems that can hold more charge and for longer time. Electronics and motors have a more active response that can adapt itself to the environment working more efficiently that hydraulic actuators. Also they electric actuators consume less power and are more robust than theory hydraulic counterparts.

In addition to having just electrical components, modularity is novel concept that help create costume vehicles design for a specific task with out the cost of building a prototype. With a modular and reconfigurability concept architecture, the motor can be change given the environment or the task. Today we can have low power more efficient motor for the city duties but later we can interexchange it for a more powerful and torque dense motor for an off-road adventure (Tesar, 2014).

However, there are several…
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