Essay about Electric Field - Lab 15

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Name ____________________ Electric Fields Go to and click on Run Now. 1. You rub balloons in your hair and then hang them like in the picture below. Explain why you think they move apart and what might affect how far apart they get. They move apart because they become charged while you are rubbing them in your hair and the charges are the same on both balloons. The more charges you get on the balloon the further away they will move from one another because the charges will be stronger and they will repel more strongly and rapidly. 2. Test your ideas using Electric Field Hockey in the Practice mode. Make a table to record your observations…show more content…
• Investigate how you can use the arrows to predict the motion of the puck The arrows around the puck are whether it is being attracted to a negative charge or being repelled by the positive charge. The arrows on the positive charge point to the positive charge from the puck since it is being attracted to the charge. The arrows on the negative charge point away from the puck in the opposite direction. You can set up different charged balls and gets the puck to do what you want it to by strategically placing the charges at the correct spots. It actually becomes a fun game when they put obstacles in the way. 5. Write an explanation of how you can predict the motion of a charged hockey puck that is moved by other charged pucks. Explain using examples and drawings that include: • How to use free body diagrams and vector addition. The puck has an arrow that points in the direction of where it is going, based on the charged particles affecting it. If there is one proton affecting the puck, the arrow on the puck will show it is going in one direction: directly away from the proton (assuming the puck is positively charged). [pic] • How negative and positive charges compare and contrast. The negative charges brought the puck toward it, and the positive charges repelled the
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